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Morrow County

My experience concerning Declare and Decree is two-fold – I accepted a role as county captain, and I also felt led to participate in the 52 day challenge.  I quickly realized that I could do neither apart from the anointing of God.  When I was initially invited to be county captain, my spirit totally bore witness that this was something I was called to do.  The Word is my passion and I am all in favor of rallying the Body of Christ to send it out.  When Carla mentioned that she was planning to take 52 days, beginning September 18, 2022 and ending on election day, to declare and decree the entire Bible, that also spoke to me.  I was able to successfully complete both charges, but was very aware of the anointing that was on me to do it.  I recognize that God had set me up with people in my county who came along side of me and helped me gather the 52 people needed to declare and decree on October 18, 2022. I also recognize that, without the anointing, I don’t think I would have been able to complete the 52 day challenge.  There were many days that I had to trust the Holy Spirit to keep me on task.  The reward was amazing!  All I can say is that I felt propelled forward by the fullness of my spirit.  I really don’t know how to describe it.

The #1 thing I learned from this is that I need to be doing only those things that the Father has called me to.  His grace is sufficient and His plan is for my success.

Patti Forbes

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